How Much Income Can You Receive In Retirement?

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About RMDs and QLACs.  The IRS requires that after age 72, an IRA beneficiary make Required Minimum Distributions (“RMD”) from their IRA.  A Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC for short – pronounced cue-lack) can insure against running out of money in retirement and help reduce the amount of RMDs an investor must pay. Click here to learn how...


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Want to learn more? Check out our videos page to see additional QLACguru videos.  See our calculators to develop an anonymous RMD calculation and estimated QLAC quote. Answer specific questions by going to our Knowledgebase page.  Visit our blogs page for in-depth articles on a variety of topics including how QLACs help with Sequence Risk, how QLACs are similar to and different from Social Security, best practices in buying a QLAC as well as many other topics.

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